Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad Blogging hubby here.  I think I might get fired after this gig.  here is the scoop folks.  Cathy is unfortunately still in the NICU, but not by her bodies choosing.  The bed that was supposed to open up didn't, so we are hoping by friday she we will be in a regular room and able to have visitors, though all is subject to change.  Speaking of change, Cathy is no longer an airhead, so that is good news.  She does have an accelerated heart rate and has had three small seizures in her left hand, but the doc's are hoping with a bit more tweaking she will get up to speed.  This whole experience has left Cathy pretty whupped, and just when she seems to be slipping into deep sleep, folks come around to poke,prod, and observe.  I guess that is just how things are, and we have no complaints.  Tonight, my wife remarked on my dedication in that I was actually watching Olympic Ice Skating.  Triple Lutz, followed by a Quintuple what-the Mcfrick!  That is all for now. Peace Out.

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