Saturday, March 6, 2010

Doctors or Celebrities?

Look at these superstars! Left to right, this is Dr. Mark Shaffrey, Head of Neurosurgery, his P.A. in Neurology, Gavin MacCleery, and Dr. Robert Louis (who didn't get to assist with the surgery but was still keeping tabs on me).  We actually saw Gavin in Charlottesville yesterday and he told me the tumor was benign, checked my head, and told Ethan all about how they took off a piece of my skull (sorry!) and then secured it back with a titanium plate and tiny screws (this all sounds cool if you're a guy for some reason).  I felt ill.  I do now.


  1. Is Dr. McDreamy there on the right accepting applications?

  2. ROCKSTARS in my book, for taking such great care of our girl!!!