Monday, February 22, 2010

The Days are Just Packed

What a day.  More cleaning and getting the house in order, Ethan's mom is here, and we ate a wonderful dinner with my parents and my close friend Michele (known since high school).  What a revelation.  It was just the night I needed.  I was able to eat up until midnight and boy did this gal *PIG OUT*.  Whew! OINK.  I carbo-loaded like a mutha! I won't be able to have anything but clear liquids in the morning and go in at 1pm, so I figured I should just binge a bit.  Full tummy, warm spirits, vanilla ice cream with sliced bananas and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  Crazy tales from Michele, a photo of a sinister Buick Roadmaster my dad is coveting on eBay...talks with mom about Hubert Humphrey's wife's vegetable soup recipe from an old White House cookbook (NEED that recipe!).  So wonderful.  I want every night to be like this.

I get to meet another childhood friend (LEAH!) tomorrow morning at Hotcakes for black coffee.  I'm such a lucky girl.  I got some kick-ass friends.  I want to really spend time with you when this is over ladies -- you've been there for me.

Here's the cell phone # Ethan will have: 434-426-9374.  He is now my "agent" and will have all access, all the time, to me.  I hope he will be sleeping in my hospital room tomorrow evening after the embolization and then again toward the weekend once I'm out of the ICU.  Please call or text (you've been warned, Ethan does not text very well) if you want to know anything at all.


  1. Ok being forever behind, and just realizing today what all is going on, I know you probably won't see this until after you get out of surgery but my love, thoughts, prayers, and any other positive energy I can send is coming your way. Now...I know that was a total run on sentence, but I was never the writer you were CAP. Take care of you. Love you! Kelly

  2. Cathy, like our email exchanges up to this point have said, all this will work out, of all the bad news the best news is it looks to be a good out come. Tom and John have sent the words of support and John and I will come see you as soon as you get the ok. Hang in there kid, we're her for you. Tell Ethan to get in touch with me if you guys need anything.

    All the best, Ronnie G.

  3. I'm sending you positive vibes. I hope you can feel them. I know you must be terrified, but I'm so glad you've had such a great time with family and friends. And know that there are so many to come. I can't WAIT to spend time with you, but I know I'm in a long line of admirers. Just put me on your list somewhere :)

    Love you,

  4. Praying everything went as planned today - will check back for more tomorrow. Sending every HUG I have in my possession and all my positive thoughts as well. You are so lucky to have your family surrounding you (hope that counts friends as well!)

    Take care - Laura