Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OK Folks, here we go.  This is Ethan, Cathy's publicist, feeling a little like Hunter S. Thompson pounding away feverishly at a keyboard in some foreign hotel room.  As I write this, Cathy is across the street in surgery, being cared for by some of the best people I have encountered in any professional field.  Yesterday's embollisation of the tumor went seamlessly (Well, aside from the sedative wearing off in the middle of the procedure), and last night she was happily chilling in the Neuro-ICU watching Olympic Curling.  Today she should be in the OR for anywhere from three to six hours.  I am going to head back over there and wait with the rest of the citizens.  thanks for all of your wishes of wellness, we love you all! 


  1. I always thought Cathy needed a good publicist. It's about time.

  2. We are sending positive energy from the ADKs with a common love of Montana and just a bit of Vermont out to Cathy and crew.
    Lucy and Paul

  3. Ethan -- you did great!!! This is a wonderful update! Thanks so much, Dear!