Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ames Christiansen, Nightshift RN

I know, I know -- this guy's not creepy at all! But Ames was awesome.  He had gone off to William & Mary some years ago and not quite made it through (I empathized with my Tech experience).  At some point after those "wilderness years" known as the mid-20s, he made an academic comeback and decided to go to UVA Nursing School and was in his second year.  He lived 5 minutes away in an apartment and was still adjusting to working nights.  It had been a hard transition.  He would do my vitals and strength tests, shine a pen light in my eyes.  He made me laugh and didn't look 33.  Because I had so many I.V.s and had been poked so much, he was tentatively trying to draw blood from me and had to call Linda, who got what we needed in like, 30 seconds.  She was a pro. 

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  1. You must have taken all the above photos yourself, right? The angle on them all is hilarious.