Saturday, March 6, 2010

Linda Freeman, Nightshift RN

Linda was wonderful and I had her Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  She had been doing the night shift in the NICU (Nerancy-Neuro Intensive Care Unit) for over 20 years and loved it.  Helping me off the bed to use the "commode" one night she gave me a big hug.  I said "mmmm, this is like hugging my mom" and she said: "Where is your mom?" and I said: "Well, I don't really want her to see me like this."  She said: "I have two girls -- I would be sitting outside the door the whole time, don't you have daughters?" I said: "Um, maybe I need to start thinking about this differently." And I saw my folks the next day.  It was the first of several visits from them and I was so happy to see them each time.  What was I thinking?! Moms need to see their daughters!

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