Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crummy Cathy

Okay, so I was warned about this.  Gavin MacCleery (P.A. Neurosurgery) told me I would recover quickly for a time and then...nothing.  I would come to a plateau of sorts where things would slow down.  Yesterday was that day.  It does seem now like the tumor had nothing to do with my headaches, because I did have a migraine for a good part of the day (damn new moon, or is it the equinox?).  I felt so completely crummy, muscle aches from physical therapy, my head, so exhausted, stressed I could not do school work in preparation for a test today.  I got out of bed for a few spoonfuls of oatmeal, up again for Facebook and to eat some crackers (sorry I missed your call Caroline!), and one more time for an Excel project (complete failure, those formulas!) and a rice and cheese burrito.  I slept nearly all day, and then I slept all night (except for the daily 6am Keppra dose).  I didn't even hear the girls chatter when they got up at 7:30am.  I can't say I'm "rejuvenated", but I'm up, no headache, no heartburn yet from the coffee (side effect from a med), the wrens are singin' away (so loud for such a little bird), Ethan's about to make eggs, folks come for a visit tomorrow, so, things are good right now.  Except for this darn Excel test I should have postponed a bit longer!

Still thinking about one of my most favorite people from middle & high school, Ernie Deomampo Jr., who died 2 days ago from leukemia (he had battled problems with brain tumors for years).  I am going to write a little more about him and give a link to his blog.  I didn't even know he was sick until the day before he died.  I would not have known at all except he popped up on the Facebook sidebar that said "reconnect with" and for once, I did it.  It was too late to actually reconnect, though I left a few comments I hope his family can read.  I don't know, I started to read his blog from the beginning and I just wish I had known he had one!  I would have been reading it for years (though I know he was very private about some things in his life).  I imagine his blog was really just for close friends. 

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