Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ron & John, Motorcycle Men

You guys.  I'm so glad you visited me.  Ron & John were part of our whole gang in high school.  We used to hang out in the parking lot after school and even had spray painted our names on the cement parking things.  I wonder how others saw us sometimes, were we the dorky crowd or the friendly ones? The party crowd (doubtful) or the normal ones? Who knows.  I guess, who cares!  There they were, at the foot of my hospital bed, John, lanky with his legs stretched out, Ron, ever the weightlifter/football player, legs open and leaning back.  They have their own bike team now and have been riding together for many years.  Very fast bikes, the crotch rocket kind.  I remember many years ago getting on the back of John's bike to go out to some party in the country (a very lame one if I remember correctly) and asking to get off as we sped down Cherry Ave.  I was terrified and rode in a car out there instead.  I liked to drive fast, but couldn't handle the speed of a motorcycle.

We caught up a little more in my hospital room.  We talked about our 20th high school reunion, which we'd had in October.  I regret not talking to these two and their wives more during it, but it was like a wedding, a little time with each, not a lot with any.  We did agree it was a little weird.  We mentioned specific classmates and gossiped a little.  I talked about my dad's restoration project, this 1965 Lincoln Town Car, and John talked about wanting to maybe find an old Cadillac.  It was a great visit & left me feeling sentimental.  My folks showed up and John immediately went up to my dad and said something about owing him an apology, 20 years late.  I believe my dad may have said something about "I've been looking for you for 20 years" -- this was the reconciliation about egging and toilet papering our house after I had egged his car.  Or was it Chad's? It was bad (& fun) either way.

We all chatted for a bit longer and then they left so I could spend time with my folks (who I'm also grateful for visiting so many times, along with my sister's family.  It's so nice not to be forgotten!

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  1. All I can say is thanks, that was really cool of you to put into words. I think what we est. in High School most people can only dream. How many people can have that many friends, with that many issues or none at all, that many personalities and still be best buddies 20 some years later. I've know most of the group either from first grade (1976) or middle school (1983-85) or High School (1986-89.

    All I have to say is we'll always be there for you, and yes, it's nice to be remembered.

    Lets not go 10 more years with out hanging out.