Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey Laura!

I'm sorry to say this but as I thought about this post that song by Christopher Cross was continuously going through my head: "When you think of Laura...Hey Laura...".  Wasn't it "Laura's Theme" from General Hospital, the soundtrack to the whole Luke & Laura saga?  Was Tony Geary really a heart throb?

I apologize Laura, for even bringing all of this up.  You deserve more! I met Laura in the band freshman year in high school.  I played clarinet and she played flute in both the wind ensemble and the marching band (the best ever, always #1, we won everything!).  We also shared a mutual friend Natascha, who also played flute.  There was many a band trip together but not many classes because she was much smarter than I.  I remember she took over as manager of the boys lacrosse team after I had lied to my folks and snuck away on an out of town trip for the team to play Collegiate.  (I was supposed to be at band practice & to this day still don't know how my folks found out.  I clearly remember almost throwing up the day my dad picked me up from work at Mr. Donut and asked "what were you doing the weekend of...?).  Anyway, no more managing for me -- I was devastated (no more Rob!).  I was very envious watching Laura out on the field during games keeping track of stats.  What's funny is so many years later my husband and the previously mentioned Rue worked with this Rob, who, predictably had no idea who I was.  Typical.

Laura came to Lynchburg with the other gals I have mentioned and we took her kids and mine to one of the few places Lynchburg has going for it -- Amazement Square, a kids play place/museum/educational/ 4-story building downtown.  I had not really been in touch that often with her but it was great when she came to visit at the hospital.  She brought with her a gift from Bodo's -- sesame bagels and a tub of Lox spread, which Ethan & I scarfed down as a midnight snack later.  It really hit the spot.  Laura didn't stay long so we really couldn't talk, I think my parents and my sister's family may have been there too.  Luckily she'll be visiting us for lunch in about 2 weeks so we can connect then.

Laura is cool.  She has been through a lot but is so together, classy, brilliant, and as my mom always mentions whenever she sees her: "I just think Laura is so beautiful."  I do too! Thanks Laura, I can't wait to see you in April!

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  1. Hi Cathy,

    I am touched you think I'm cool, even during my blonder moments - but you are WAY surpassing cool yourself right now...

    We can't wait to see you as well!!!

    Do you remember "Legs" aka DB? I can't mention his name here, but I think you know which one I am talking about on that fabled lacrosse team ;)

    Ahhh, memories...

    Any requests from Cville for April?

    Love and big hugs!