Sunday, March 7, 2010

John Bitterman, RN & recovering Hokie


I didn't really want to post this horrible picture of me, but I'm with one of Ethan & I's favorite RNs, John Bitterman.  We traded VA Tech stories (none successful, believe me, Electric Woodshed anyone?) and laughed a lot about those wasted days.  He was married with 3 kiddos so we related about that stuff too.  Gavin MacCleery had taken off my turban and given me a damn beanie to wear, which I could never seem to keep on my head.  At this point, I think John had brought Ethan this "shampoo cap" which is filled with sudsy bubbles and you stick on your head, massage, take off, but it doesn't rinse out -- it stays in -- yuck.  It was a big deal for me to be out of bed and sitting up, and the sling was from the occupational therapist Julie.  I remember when she brought it in to show John and said: "Look what I found!" And I said: "No budget cuts there!" We all laughed.  The sling was mainly a precaution to keep me from dislocating my left shoulder, since I didn't have the strength to really support it.

John helped me out so much.  My left hand was useless and at one point after a Dilantin injection (which burns going in) in my right hand i.v., my right hand became extremely painful.  My vein had broken and the Dilantin was making my hand swell, it hurt so bad.  John immediately took out the i.v. and wrapped my hand in a hot towel.  Relief! He had to put in a call to UVA's "I.V. Team" since he couldn't find a spot to do it himself.  

The I.V. Team are amazing and painless, they can stick an i.v. anywhere in about 30 seconds -- real pros.  This woman appeared in a hot pink top and blazer, looking like Julia Roberts out of Steel Magnolias.  John wanted her to put in 2, but she refused and only did one.  After some chit-chat about kids and life, she grabbed her breasts and said: "And that's when I decided to give myself these as a gift!" It was hysterical and then she was gone.  John was speechless.  

It's hard getting attached to people (John, not the i.v. gal) and then probably never seeing them again. 

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  1. Oh Cathy, I think I know those breasts from around the "Big House" aka "the hospital". Quite a pair, wouldn't you say? Still think I'd rather spend my money in the Outer Banks or something. John is a great guy. Your veins must suck if he couldn't find anything.