Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dr. Nathan Cupka

I loved this guy.  He was like Bobby Starke, spending hours and hours in the NICU, on call.  Never seemed tired though, just cheery.  Unlike Bobby, who actually aspired to be a Neurosurgeon under Dr. Mark Shaffrey, Nathan was a Neurologist.  He said he'd never be a good surgeon because "my hands are a little shaky".  After a few spells of having a racing heartbeat, Nathan took it upon himself to figure out that my anti-swelling steroid, decadron, had turned me from hypothyroid to hyperthyroid, and adjusted my daily dose of synthroid, which I've been taking for about 13 years.  Nathan was always smiling, or maybe also it was because I was the easy case in the NICU.  Many stay for weeks and weeks. 

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