Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sheryl Whaley, Nightshift RN/Neuro-Nurse

Sheryl actually went by Sheri, and she was like Linda -- over 20 years in the NICU doing nights.  She loved it, usually doing 3 12-hour shifts a week.  Sheri was like a swan, everything she did was fluid and graceful, and she actually did still teach ballet locally.  I know I look so horrible in this picture, but with Sheri there I felt great.  The funniest thing I remember was late one night she had to draw blood, and like Ames, was worried about finding a good vein.  After a few moments I said "any luck?" and she said "Struck Gold!" holding up this huge syringe of blood.  (Ugh, I know.)  I didn't get to see Sheri much the second night she cared for me because the NICU had SIX admissions from the ER. 

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