Monday, March 8, 2010

Julie Oberle, Occupational Therapist

Julie was as sweet as she looks, and reminded me of my friend (& former mommy group member) Elke back in Missoula.  (Elke now does Mamalode magazine -- find it!) She gave me all sorts of advice and information about how to get my left hand going again.  I won't get to work with her because she's in Charlottesville and I found some rehab here in Lynchburg, but she explained how the therapy thing works.  I'll be getting physical therapy to bring full range of motion back to my left hand but in the meantime the occupational therapy to learn how to communicate with the left hand in a whole new way.  Since my motor strip (where the tumor was pressing) needs time to recover, I will have to get messages to my hand a different way.  I feel good now because I am moving my fingers again, but for days all I did was stare at my hand.  I was "willing" it to move and totally exasperated and worn out, it was like using a Jedi Mind Trick, but not being a Jedi.  All I could think about was war vets.

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  1. How's the hand doing now? (liked the part about the jedi mind trick btw)