Monday, March 8, 2010

Rounds at 5 am.

I could not get a great picture of this daily event, mainly because I didn't want anyone to notice my flash go off.  They might think: "is some strange patient taking pictures of themselves in the dark?" or "what's going on in DeSilvey's room?

So, here's the thing about a normal hospital and a teaching/academic hospital: people are always coming to see you at the teaching hospital.  Medical Students, Interns, Residents, Fellows, Doctors, RNs in training, you name it.  There is no rest.  And I tried so hard to be positive and accommodating during these endless visits.  You are the "case" or curiosity, or lesson for the day.  The doctors interact with you and usually 2 or 3 students watch the doctor as he evaluates you.  Sometimes the students get to participate, but mostly they just watch.  I was cheery and kind of wanted to present myself as the "wunder patient", friendly, recovering -- brain tumor? What brain tumor? I'm great!

Early mornings about 5 or 6 sets of legs in green scrubs would gather in the NICU and either Bobby Starke or Nathan Cupka would start with the first case and explain what was going on with every patient in the ward.  I could even hear my name being mentioned and hoped they would come in, but they never did.

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